Cyrus•XP is committed to developing innovations that improve the lives of underserved populations.


Core Values

      • We are committed to developing innovations that improve the health and wellness of underserved and vulnerable populations.
      • Our goal is to do more than build great software. We build great software to solve fundamental problems in the delivery of healthcare.

What is Lychee™?

    Lychee™ is a fully integrated system that helps manage the coordination and delivery of person centered care.

  • Dedicated team of engineers, designers and project managers work as an extension of your internal IT organization.
  • Your Lychee™ team builds, extends and customizes your unique set of services to help achieve your strategic objectives.
  • The Lychee™ team prides itself in “immediate attention” to customer’s problems.
  • Web Based, Software as a Service (SaaS) Health Record Platform (EHR/PHR/HIE).
  • Focused on Managed Care (especially MLTC, PACE, FIDA, etc.) and the Health Home model.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) means the plan or program does not have to invest in an IT team to install, operate or maintain the solution. No additional servers or licenses are required.
  • Simple subscription pricing based on enrollment. There will be no additional user based licensing.
  • Start-up plans pay little and hence take on lower risk.

Our Objectives

  • Empower Consumers.
  • Increase collaboration and interoperability.
  • Maximize efficiency and derive savings.
  • Gather intelligence to drive systemic improvements.
  • Be a force for good.