EHR or Electronic Health Record is an increasingly misused term in the arena of Bioinformatics. There are several variations to the term, e.g. EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CHR (Clinical Health Record)…etc. Many times the term EHR is used to mean EHR-S or Electronic Health Record Systems. Electronic Health Record systems manage Electronic Health Records.
BulletImage EHR Definition
An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic (or digital) representation of a patient’s medical record (history). This medical record represents the systematic documentation of longitudinal (over time) encounters with care providers. Health records may contain the information such as:

BulletImage Demographics
BulletImage Progress notes
BulletImage Problems
BulletImage Medications
BulletImage Vital signs
BulletImage Past medical history
BulletImage Immunizations
BulletImage Laboratory data
BulletImage Radiology reports
BulletImage Legal Health Record
A legal health record is a subset of the Electronic Health Record that serves as a legal record of care provided. As per the AHIMA definition of the Legal Health Record, it is the business record for any health care provider and performs the following functions:

BulletImage Support the decisions made in a patient’s care
BulletImage Support the revenue sought from third-party payers
BulletImage Document the services provided as legal testimony regarding the patient’s illness or injury, response to treatment, and caregiver decisions
BulletImage Personal Health Record
A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a vehicle by which an individual is given the ability to manage their own health and care. PHRs may contain summaries of care received from various care providers. Emerging technologies allow individuals the ability to gather data from biometric devices into their Personal Health Record. Runners will have the ability to schedule their runs and gather information from devices such as heart rate monitors into their Personal Health Record after each run.
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